Early Spring Lawn Care and Dethatching


The harsh winter elements can ravage any lawn, especially in low-lying areas. Dethatching is one of the most important steps to take in the early spring to help reinvigorate your lawn in time for late spring and summer. Read on to learn a few tips and tricks about this important aspect of spring lawn care.

Thatch is a layer of stems, roots, crowns, and other organic debris that naturally collect between grass blades and the surface of your soil. The result of over watering, over fertilizing, and mowing too high, thatch gradually builds up, eventually acting as a barrier that prevents water, nutrients, sun, and air from reaching the soil. Removing thatch can help promote your lawn’s health.

Does Your Lawn Need Dethatching?

The easiest way to tell if your lawn needs dethatching is to observe whether your soil absorbs water. If water runs off without penetrating the grass, examine your lawn to see if it has underlying thatch. Thatch looks like a layer of gray-brown grass stems that have matted together. If your lawn has more than one inch of thatch above the surface of the soil, dethatching is necessary.

How to Dethatch

Early spring is one of the best times to dethatch because you are less likely to cause damage to new growth. Though a leaf rake can be used, thatching rakes have proven to be most effective. These sharp-tined rakes are designed specifically to rip the thatch out of a lawn. Dig the rake deep into the lawn, penetrating the thatch to loosen it.

Clean Up

Use a leaf rake to gather the thatch into a pile. Water your newly thatch-free lawn and overseed and/or fertilize as necessary. Your lawn should take about three to four weeks to recover and show signs of new growth.

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