Inspecting Ornamentals and Shrubs

Ornamentals and Shrubs

When you invest in the beauty of ornamental trees and shrubs as part of your landscape, caring for these plants should also be considered in order to protect this investment. You’re not the only one who can benefit from trees and shrubs around your yard—insects would love to make themselves at home. With regular treatment, you can remove and prevent bugs from damaging your precious plants. By inspecting your ornamentals and shrubs throughout the season, you can stop the pests before they do any real damage.

Cardinal Lawns provides professional care for your ornamentals and shrubs, no matter the season.

  • Late Winter/Early Spring: A protective treatment can be applied to trees and shrubs to guard against insect damage. Over winter, insects burrow into the bark of trees to find shelter, and then they continue to wreak havoc into the spring. Cardinal Lawns can help prevent insects from destroying your plants.
  • Spring: Ornamental trees and shrubs need fertilizer just as much as grass and other plants do, especially during this time of year when they’re waking from a winter’s nap. Help ensure proper plant nutrition for good root and leaf development with fertilizer treatments.
  • Late Spring/Early Summer: Inspect your ornamental plants and shrubs for any signs of insects or disease and treat if necessary.
  • Summer: This is the time of year insects will start looking for a winter home—making it an important time for inspecting your plants and preventing bugs from moving in.
  • Fall: In addition to a final inspection before the cold sets in, this is also the time to fertilize your plants so they’re ready for winter.

To get started inspecting and treating your ornamental plants and shrubs, contact Cardinal Lawns at 614-808-4446. With a professional evaluation of your landscaping, personalized attention to your lawn needs, and regular monitoring of your plants, your green investments will be well taken care of throughout the seasons—giving you peace of mind and a healthy yard.