Speedwell (Veronica) is also referred to as Bird’s Eye, or Gypsyweed. A part of the Plantaginaceae family, this broadleaf weed is related to Waterhypssops and Fluvellins. Speedwell is recognizable by its oval-shaped leaves, long flowering stems, and small flowers in a variety of colors spreading out over the stem.

“Speedwell” refers to a number of different broadleaf weeds and a variety of species that share characteristics in appearance. Often blue-white in color, the flowers have four petals. The weed has strong roots and a flowering stem sprouting from its center.

The different varieties of speedwell all look similar, so it can be hard to tell one broadleaf weed from another. Highly invasive, speedwell is one of the few weeds considered to be stronger than turfgrass.

Speedwell Prevention

As with all broadleaf weeds, ensuring optimum turf health is the best way to prevent speedwell outbreaks. It is crucial to aerate and overseed with proper watering and fertilization, because speedwell is notorious for taking advantage of any weaknesses in turf.

Prevention may not be enough if speedwell has already been introduced to your lawn. This is because it is one of the few weeds that can beat turfgrass once their seeds have had the chance to grow. If speedwell has already begun seeding your lawn, hand removal may not be enough and broadleaf weed control may be required to control its aggressive nature.

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