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Every year, mosquito-borne illnesses afflict some 700 million people, killing more than 1 million of them. We want to share a few facts about two nasty viruses, West Nile and Zika, and how you can help humanity win the battle against these diseases through stronger mosquito control. Read more

How Much to Water the Lawn

How Much to Water the Lawn

Consistency matters. Give your lawn an even amount of water, all year round. Your lawn needs about one inch of water, including rainfall, per week, every week, even during winter. If temperatures remain at or above 85 degrees for a while, the lawn may need 1 ½ to 2 inches of water. Read more

Except in the cases of newly planted turf or severe drought, Mother Nature usually provides all the rainfall that your lawn will need to thrive. You will know it’s time to water when the lawn fades to a dull green and your footprints remain visible in the grass. Read on to learn when to water your lawn and how to do it properly. Read more

Mowing at the correct height for your grass type can help encourage a healthy lawn by fighting off weeds and preventing lawn diseases. Learn here about how correctly setting your lawn mower’s cutting height can set up your lawn for success. Read more

Weeds are the undesirable plants in your garden. They spread throughout properties stealing sun, water, and soil nutrients from desirable plants. Control can be tricky. Read here for some handy tips on effective weed control. Read more