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Once considered the disease of golf greens, pythium blight is now known to cause serious damage to athletic turfs and backyard grasses as well. We offer tips for you to identify, prevent and beat this deadly grass fungus. Read more

Mice and rats can spoil food, dirty your floors and surfaces, and get your family sick. That’s why we here at Cardinal Lawns recommends a comprehensive, preventative audit of rodent entry points. Do it now, and you can ensure a safer, pest-free winter for you and your loved ones. Read more

Moles are many a gardener's foe, mainly because they are such enthusiastic tunnelers. Their industrious backyard excavations can kill grass roots and make mowing and walking difficult. Follow our 5 tips to prevent moles from taking up residence in and under your lawn. Read more

once you've had your fill of dandelion salad, and those annoyingly cheerful weeds are still out there blooming across your lawn like there's no tomorrow, call us at Cardinal Lawns. We can help you get rid of dandelions and other invasive species in your lawn. Read more