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Crabgrass is an invasive weed that spreads quickly during the summer. Good lawn maintenance is the best prevention, but you can also use different types of herbicides depending on the maturity of the weeds. Read more

Leaf spot and melting-out disease cause turf spots in the spring and fall and rotting in the summer. Read here to learn about leaf spot and melting-out disease and how you can keep it from taking over your lawn. Read more

Herbicides—chemical substances used to destroy unwanted vegetation—can help keep your lawn weed free and should be used with care. Make sure to identify the weed type, choose the right product, and follow directions for proper application. Read more

Employing the proper mowing patterns can make your lawn look professionally manicured. Improper mowing techniques can mean missing spots, resulting in an unsightly final appearance. Learn here about the best lawn mowing patterns for your lawn. Read more

5 Key Grass Cutting Tips

5 Key Grass Cutting Tips

Proper lawn mowing is vital to maintaining a vibrant green lawn. Cutting your grass directly controls the root system’s depth and your lawn’s overall health. Read on to learn five important grass cutting tips for keeping your lawn healthy. Read more

Your lawn’s soil quality reveals a lot about its health and determines whether your grass is green and lush or brown and dry. Learn here about three methods of soil testing and how the results indicate the treatments needed for a healthy lawn. Read more