6 Summer Pest Treatment Tips

Backyards are for BBQs, Not Bugs

Now that it’s almost summer, you’re not the only one looking forward to spending more time outside. There’s also a wide variety of pests ready to swarm, slither, and soak up the summer rays right alongside you. Here are some summer pest treatment tips to help ensure your season isn’t ruined.

Six Summer Pest Treatment Tips

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of bugs and bites? There are some simple ways to prep your backyard to make it more fun for you and less desirable for pests.

  1. Eliminate standing water. Areas of stagnant water in your buckets, flower pots, and drainage systems are prime breeding grounds for mosquitos. Flip them over, dry them out, and keep an eye out for any other areas in need of improvement. Don’t worry about your pool—the chlorine helps keep bugs away.
  2. Keep a clean yard. Regularly trim your grass and hedges and clear any yard debris. These areas are also prime real estate for pests, even snakes.
  3. Elevate firewood. And do it away from your house. Not only is this a big-ticket item for termites, but it’s also a great place for spiders and other small rodents to nest.
  4. Protect the perimeter. Seal any small cracks or openings around windows, doors, vents, and pipes running into and around your home.
  5. Travel responsibly. Planning a summer vaca? Be sure you don’t bring home bugs as a souvenir. Inspect the hotel or rental for blood stains and bed bug excrement in and around the bed, sheets, and mattress.
  6. Call for reinforcements. If you find the pest problem in and around your home is too much to handle, contact a pest control company to help. Armed with the tools and knowledge about a wide variety of pests, a pro will know the quickest, most effective way to gain control back over your property.

Enjoy A Pest-Free Summer

There’s still a way to enjoy the season and keep your home and family free of pest problems. With a little preventative care and help from the pros, you will be one step closer to a safe and healthy summer. Contact Cardinal Lawns today for a consultation before the pests become a problem.

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