Winter Tree Protection Tips

Help Your Plants Survive the Season


Who’s a fan of harsh, cold weather? Not plants. A majority of them go dormant during the cold seasons. Can’t blame them—it’s the perfect time of year to snuggle up and sleep. However, outdoor vegetation can’t warm itself by the fire. This is why they need you to help protect them from the frigid climate. Here are a few winter tree protection tips to make it easier on your plants this time of year.

Winter Tree Protection Tips

No matter how healthy a tree or plant may be, all are susceptible to winter damage. From high winds to freezing rain, this season can do a number on vegetation, especially if it’s newly planted. Young plants are more vulnerable since the bark is thinner and the roots are not fully established. These plants need extra attention to survive the season unscathed.

There are several ways to help protect a plant, but it depends on the species and area of concern. A certified arborist can tell you specifics based on the plant you’re trying to protect, but here are some general guidelines from the root up.

Tree roots still need moisture in the winter, especially if they’re still developing. However, between the dry winter air and frozen ground, it’s hard to get enough water to the roots. Consider installing an irrigation system to help water the plants enough to penetrate the roots. You can also protect shallow roots from freezing by adding a warm, three-inch blanket of mulch.

Protect tree trunks from sunscald or wildlife by wrapping them with a specialized material. Using the wrong material and method can cause more damage to the bark, so be careful not to wrap the trunk too tight so it can’t breathe. You can also stake unsteady trees that haven’t fully developed their root system. It’s also important to properly stake a tree with weather-resistant material that still allows the trunk to move.

Relieve the branches of evergreens and young trees from the heavy weight of snow and ice. Gently knock the debris loose in an upward motion so that the branches don’t snap under pressure. Be sure to prune any broken branches so that the fracture doesn’t invite plant infection.

Expert Tree Protection

All trees and plants are different and require specific care based on their age and location. For more information on how to help your plants survive the winter, contact Cardinal Lawns for a free consultation.

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