Are There any Beneficial Weeds?

What to Save and What to Pull


When gardeners hear the word “weeds” there’s usually not a positive response. However, not all weeds are bad. In fact, there are some beneficial weeds you may want to consider growing in your garden on purpose. Here are some reasons why.

Beneficial Weeds

While some weeds are only a nuisance and a true sign your yard is in trouble, other weeds could help your garden. How?

  1. Soil protection. You may notice weeds growing quickly to cover bare ground. This actually helps prevent erosion, but it also indicates you need more mulch. Ironic, isn’t it?
  2. When the weeds die back, it becomes a natural fertilizer. It’s still a plant after all.
  3. Perfect for pollinators. Some of the first greens to sprout in the spring are weeds. Clover and dandelions grow fast and flower frequently—and pollinators are ready. This is important to keep in mind if you’re looking for ways to rid your lawn of weeds. Using chemicals can harm the delicate ecosystem at work.
  4. Ground cover. Some weeds spread quickly and grow low across the ground. Clover has been used as ground cover along pathways to help protect and fertilize the soil.
  5. Diet. Foragers know that some of nature’s delicacies come from unexpected places. Some weeds, like dandelions, can be used in food and medical supplements. You want to do your research before ingesting anything from the garden, especially if you didn’t grow it there yourself.

Weed Control

While some weeds are helpful, some are not and can be poisonous. Weeds are also a sign that your yard could be healthier. Familiarize yourself with the types of weeds in your lawn and garden and if they’re more harmful than good. Then contact Cardinal Lawns for more information on how to safely rid your lawn of weeds or use them to help improve your garden.

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