Pre-Emergent Weed Control Products

Stopping Weeds Before They Sprout

Summer Weeds

Want to know the best way to prevent weeds? Keep your grass healthy. Want to know the second-best way? Apply one of the pre-emergent weed control products that work on the weeds you want to get rid of. Read on to learn more about both methods of weed control.

Healthy Grass is Happy Grass

One of the best ways to keep your lawn looking lush and healthy is to properly maintain it. This means:

  • Keeping a regular mowing, watering, and feeding schedule
  • Eradicating any pest problems
  • Aerating compacted soil
  • Ensuring proper drainage

If you’re still left with dead spots or overrun with weeds, check to make sure you’re growing the type of grass that’s meant to thrive in your area. Then look into the right weed control method.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control Products

Weed control is all about timing. Ideally, you want to stop the weeds from germinating in your grass, and this happens before you can see signs of them spreading. Apply pre-emergent products when the soil starts to warm. This time of year differs depending on what climate you’re living in. Check the soil temperature to be sure; it should be around the 50-degree mark. You may also need to do multiple applications of the pre-emergent products throughout the season. Be sure to read the product directions carefully and reach out to your local lawn experts for assistance.

Pre-emergent weed control products can be sprinkled or sprayed on your lawn to stop the weed seeds from germinating. Some products come in the form of Weed and Seed, which provides both weed protection and nutrients to your grass. Make sure whatever you decide to purchase works on the weeds you’re trying to eliminate or it won’t be an effective solution. Also, don’t use any weed control product on new lawns until the grass seeds have been fully established in the soil for a few months.

If your lawn is already dotted with weeds, it may be too late to apply a pre-emergent product. However, knowing what weeds are consistently plaguing your lawn will help you plan for the future.

Selective Solutions

If you’ve dealt with weeds before, such as crabgrass or dandelions, look for a product that specifically targets that species. These selective weed control methods work harder to fight off certain types of weeds and shouldn’t damage your grass. Non-selective weed control is a more general solution; however, they still don’t work on every weed and can end up killing your grass. Also keep in mind that pre-emergent products are best suited for some of the most common annual grassy weeds, like crabgrass. You may need another solution for hardier perennial weeds.

Imperfect Pre-Emergent Weed Control Products

Even the best-maintained grass may grow a few weeds. However, the healthier your lawn, the stronger it will be to fight them off. Weeds can sit dormant for weeks, months, and even years before sprouting. Seeds may travel by wind or water into your lawn and settle into the soil. Preventing weeds may be a constant battle, but you can give your lawn a fighting chance by being vigilant and consistent in lawn care. Contact Cardinal Lawns for more tips on controlling weeds and keeping your lawn as healthy and happy as possible.

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