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Identifying & Managing Lawn Pests

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Now that summer is starting to round out, there are more reasons your grass may not be looking its best. From drought conditions to an outbreak of weeds, there’s still a lot to try and manage this time of year. If you’re also noticing more beetles, birds, or other animals tearing the turf, you can also add certain grub control methods to your list of lawn maintenance.

Identifying Grubs

Grubs are plump, C-shaped pests with six legs on their whitish body with a brownish head. They can grow to about two inches in length and burrow under the soil to feed on grass roots. You may not see the actual grub before you see the damage it creates. Around the middle of August, patches of dead grass appear burnt and easily peel back from the surface—uncovering the grubs themselves. If left untreated, grubs will continue to wreak havoc until early October.

Grubs also attract other pests to your lawn, like hungry skunks and raccoons. More birds may show up to feast on the grubs that start to surface in wet grass. You may also notice an overabundance of flying beetles, which are what grubs grow up to become.

Grub Control Methods

If you’ve had grub or beetle damage in the past, you’ll want to start your method of grub control early on. Overseed your grass in the spring and fall to help thicken your lawn and help prevent beetles from laying larve eggs.

The adult beetle emerges from its underground wintering in June or July, so spread some granular insecticide across your grass in the summer. Spray any beetles you see or handpick them from your plants and destroy them.

Keep your lawn and garden free of dead plant debris. This is a favorite food for young grubs. Keep watch around other preferred areas, such as well-watered grass in full sun near walkways, driveways, or paved patios.

For more information on how to control grubs and other pests in your lawn, contact Cardinal Lawns. It all starts with proper lawn care and maintaining your grass and gardens all year long.

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