Natural Weed Control Methods

When Chemicals Won’t Cut It

hand weeding

Weeds are coming. Even in the most pristine lawns, it’s possible a single weed seed will drift through the wind, rain, water, or by animal and find purchase in your lawn. What’s a homeowner to do? Especially if you have kids and pets running around and want to help save the planet? Try some of these natural weed control methods.

Natural Weed Control Methods

Getting rid of weeds doesn’t always require a hazmat suit and sprayer full of chemicals. There are some alternative methods of weed control to try that are more eco-friendly.

  1. Hand weeding. That’s right, the good ole fashion way of getting your garden gloved hands dirty and pulling the weeds out by the root. You want to make sure to get the whole root so it doesn’t grow back. Loosening the dirt around the weed helps. Just make sure to clean off all materials used to stop the spread of seed.
  2. Mulch. Layer on organic mulch and not only help prevent weeds but also add nutrients to your garden. Mulch keeps sunlight from reaching seeds that are already underground. A new layer every spring helps to bring your garden back to life.
  3. Corn gluten meal. Known as the “birth control” for seeds! Sprinkle some around your garden and it helps to keep weed seeds from germinating. It can also keep other seeds from germinating as well, so keep it away from flowers and vegetable gardens until your plants are established.
  4. Vinegar. Apply to only weeds with a spray bottle, pump sprayer, or brush. It can harm other plants, so only use when there’s no wind or rain. It also works best on sunny days when the bright heat makes it more potent. You can also combine equal parts vinegar, salt, and dish soap to make your own herbicide.
  5. Newspaper or cardboard. Recycle that paper by laying it down over wet soil in your garden. Wet it again so it stays in place, then cover it with mulch. It will smother weeds and prevent new ones from growing by blocking sunlight from reaching seeds.
  6. Boiling water. Give weeds a long, scalding drink—just be careful it doesn’t drip or splash on you in the process. It may take a few applications, but it’s worth a try on relentless perennials.

Professional Plant Control

If you’ve tried the natural way without any luck, consult the experts at Cardinal Lawns for more tips to tackle tough weeds. Even if a different herbicide is the best option for your lawn, there’s a way to use them safely and effectively.

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