Common Weed Control Methods

From Prevention to Professional

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There’s more than one way to fight a weed. The most common weed control methods fall under one of five categories: preventative, cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical. The method depends on the type of weed you’re dealing with and how far along it is in the growing process.

Common Weed Control Methods

Whether you’ve had problems with weeds in the past or are fighting a new crop this year, there’s a method of weed control that can help.

Preventative. Stop weeds before they take over your lawn. This method is easier if you know what weeds you’re trying to fight. If you feel you’re in a constant battle with dandelions or crabgrass, be careful to not spread the weed seeds by using contaminated tools—including garden shears and lawnmowers—and apply a pre-emergent weed control product.

Cultural. The system you use in garden and lawn care affects the number of weeds that appear. A change in routine can help guard against a lawn takeover. Maintaining the health of your lawn—including proper water, fertilizer, and mowing—is always good practice. Crop rotation is one way to help prevent the spread of weeds throughout a larger area or field.

Mechanical. Using tools such as tillers and mowers are also weed control techniques, but these work best when regularly cleaned to help prevent the spread of weed seeds caught on blades.

Biological. Weeds have natural enemies, including grazing animals and garden-friendly insects. Set them free on a weeded area and let nature take its course.

Chemical. The use of herbicide is widely used for a variety of weeds. From pre to post-emergent weed control, there’s a product to help control the germination and growth of weeds.

Professional Methods

If you’ve tried any of these methods without any luck, there’s another option to consider. Professional weed control. Contact Cardinal Lawns for more information and techniques to help make your lawn the best it can be.

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