Christmas Tree Removal

Time to Deck Your Garden


The holidays are over (sigh) and so it’s time to de-deck the halls. This means Christmas tree removal. Whether it’s down already or won’t be down till Valentine’s day, here are some tips on what to do with it once it’s removed from your home.

Christmas Tree Removal

Before you toss your tree, make sure to remove all ornaments, hooks, lights, tinsel, and decor. You don’t want to throw out those precious home-made ornaments or send a string of lights through a chipper if you’re recycling the tree.

In regards to recycling, check your local authorities for dates and times of tree pick-up or recycling drop-off sites. Recycling is one way to limit the number of trees filling landfills and not fulfilling its full potential. Recycled trees are usually chipped and used for mulch at parks or other community areas.

Ways to Recycle Trees

If you want to ensure your tree is recycled, there are ways to do it yourself.

  1. Make your own mulch. You’ll need a wood chipper, and you can share the cost of renting one with other friends and neighbors who have trees to recycle too. This way everyone gets rid of their tree and is rewarded with mulch for their garden. Be sure to follow all chipper safety guidelines and mulch responsibly.
  2. Needle mulch. If you don’t want to rent a chipper but still need mulch, simply remove the tree branches and shake off the dead needles.
  3. Firewood. Fuel your fireplace—or your neighbors—with the trunk of your Christmas tree. Strip the branches (see above for mulch ideas) and chop the rest for firewood. For best results, wait till the wood is dry before burning.
  4. DIY wood crafts. From coasters to garden decor, chop up the trunk into smaller, round pieces to use around the house. Sand down the items and seal the wood when finished to help prevent leaking sap.
  5. Natural habitat. If there’s a lake or pond on your property, a cut tree is a great resource for fish and other animals. Place your tree in or around the water, and as it decomposes, it becomes food for fish and algae.
  6. Dune restoration. Bring joy to beaches by donating trees to help rebuild dunes and fight beach erosion. Tree needles catch sand and other sea vegetation to provide cover for birds and protection against strong winds.

Even if your Christmas tree is long gone for this season, keep these tips in mind the next time you remove a tree—whether for Christmas or other reasons.

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