5 Winter Pest Control Tips

Leave Them Out in the Cold


Any creatures stirring around your home this holiday? Keep the following winter pest control tips in mind and leave the mice to prance around the Nutcracker stage.

Winter Pest Control

From last-minute shopping to snow removal, there’s a lot to think about this time of year. Pest control is on the list. Go ahead, check it twice.

Rodents don’t take a holiday in winter. In fact, they’re looking for a nice warm place with a plentiful food supply to ride out the cold spells. Don’t make it easy for them, or you could be dealing with more unwelcomed holiday visitors. Follow these five tips to make your home less desirable for rodents.

  1. Block entry points. Don’t make it easy for pests to gain access indoors. Patch up holes, prune back branches and bushes, and don’t leave trash out to lure them in.
  2. Cover all trash cans. Whether inside or out, cans should be covered with a tight lid. If it’s to the point where the lid won’t close, empty it, unless you want fruit flies hovering.
  3. Don’t leave food out. After an all-day cooking or baking session, one of the last things you want to do is clean up. Dishes start to pile in the sink and leftovers get left on the counter. This is a feast for overwintering pests. Do your best to clean up, even if it’s leaving things to soak in soapy water.
  4. Find suitable food storage. If you find pests are raiding your pantry and breaking into the boxes of food, upgrade the containers to something stronger. Seal food in plastic containers to help keep out rodents and bugs from eating and contaminating your snacks.
  5. Keep things clean. Even the smallest crumb on the rug could be an incentive for pests. Vacuum and wipe down surfaces regularly to keep rodents and bugs from finding a reason to explore your living spaces.

Professional Pest Control

If you’ve been following the winter pest control tips and still have issues with mice, roaches, or other pests, schedule an exterminator or other pest control company to assess the situation. If you don’t get a handle on it now, you could be dealing with a bigger problem in the spring when insects and rodents become more active. Be proactive about preventing infestations, and you’ll have a happier holiday season and pest-free new year too.

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