Mapping Out Perimeter Pest Control

Learn Where to Focus Your Efforts


Whether you’ve had a problem with pests before, currently see signs of a possible infestation, or want to prevent it altogether, mapping out a perimeter pest control plan is one of the best ways to help protect your home.

Where to Apply Perimeter Pest Control Products

Now that you know where rodents are more likely to enter your home, you can work to prevent infestations from happening. While keeping the areas in and around your home clean and free of debris is important, using certain insecticides also helps reduce the risk.

Apply a liquid or powder insecticide around the perimeter of your home or outdoor structure approximately every 90 days, or as instructed on the packaging. If you continue to have problems, try spraying the perimeter about once per month. Focus on the following outdoor areas:

  • Any area you see pests.
  • About three feet above and one foot in front of the building foundation.
  • Any open areas where pipes, cables, and wires enter the structure.
  • Around open door frames, windows, vents, and soffits.

You also want to use traps inside your home around cabinets, appliances, closets, garages, and attics.

Other Pest Control Tips

Not only is the location of insecticide application important, but the time of year, weather, and temperature are also important factors—especially for outdoor use. Intense heat and heavy rain diminish the effectiveness of spray insecticides.

Strengthen your pest control defenses in the spring and fall when rodents and pests are more active.

Secure bait traps so they can’t be carried or washed away. Also, keep traps out of the way where water could get in and dilute any insecticide.

Check any bait traps regularly to better assess the situation. If it has successfully caught the pests, you’ll want to replace the traps to catch any remaining. If not successful, you can try another location for better success.

Pest prevention is typically less expensive and involved than dealing with a full-on infestation. Contact Cardinal Lawns for more help mapping out perimeter pest control options to help keep rodents and insects out of your home altogether.

Lawn Pest Guide

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