Best Time for Mole Control

Even if You’ve Already Seen the Signs

Mole mounds

If you already see the signs of a mole, it’s obviously too late to prevent them from ruining your yard. However, you now know there’s something in your yard they want—most likely grubs—so you can work to get rid of all the pests for the health of your lawn. There’s a better time for mole control, so read on to find out more.

Signs of a Mole

Does your lawn have any evidence of:

  • Multiple three- to five-inch brown, rounded mounds.
  • Tiny dirt volcanoes.
  • Dead surrounding grass and plants.
  • Six- to eight-inch gray or black creatures with slender snouts and large clawed feet in the front.

Then you most likely have a mole burrowing in your lawn looking for insects. The good news is since moles typically live alone you only have to worry about getting rid of one.

Best Time for Mole Control

Moles are more active in the spring and fall when the ground is moist. You may see multiple tunnels, but not all of them are occupied. Moles are looking for insects underground, specifically worms and grubs. If they pick your yard to live in, chances are you have a grub problem too. Ridding your lawn of grubs is one way of controlling moles as well. But one problem at a time.

Getting Rid of Moles

There are traps available that are made for moles specifically. Of course, there are other products like repellent and poison, but these have proven to be less effective. Traps can go above and below the ground and should be moved regularly until the mole is caught.

You can also try to improve soil drainage in your yard to prevent it from getting too moist—and more attractive to pests. If the mole hasn’t caused too much damage to your lawn, you could wait it out, or simply call a professional in to assess the area and help you come up with a better plan.

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