Ways of Controlling Henbit

And How You Can Prevent Weeds


Think you have henbit in your lawn? Most likely found in moist, shaded areas. Controlling henbit is as easy as feeding it to chickens—which is how it got its name—but there are other ways to prevent these weeds.

What is Henbit

Henbit is hairy weeds with green or purplish square stems. Round leaves are paired up along the stem and can be seen sprawled out across the ground under trees and shrubs where grass has a hard time growing.

Henbit is a winter annual that sprouts seeds in the fall or early winter. It becomes noticeable when the weather warms in the spring and usually dies in the summer heat.

Controlling Henbit

Treat the lawn in the spring before henbit has a chance to flower. Choose a product specially formulated to kill tough weeds like henbit. Make sure the herbicide you choose can be applied to your type of grass, and follow all label directions.

How to Prevent Henbit

Preventing weeds is often easier than trying to kill them after they’ve seeded and flowered. A healthy lawn is usually a weed-free lawn. Grow thick grass with regular fertilizing so weeds don’t have any room to grow. Also, mow at the best height for your lawn so it can compete with weeds.

Professional Lawn Care

For help getting your lawn to its healthiest level, so it’s strong enough to outgrow weeds, contact the lawn specialists at Cardinal Lawns. From feeding to mowing, you’ll get expert advice on what’s best for your yard.

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