How to Sharpen Mower Blades

The sharper the blade, the stronger the grass


Mowing your lawn is important for the health and look of your grass, and when it’s done properly, the results are even better. Sharp blades produce a clean cut and professional look, and they also help strengthen your lawn. Learn how to sharpen mower blades to get a clean cut every time.

Mowing with Dull Blades

When you’re cutting your grass regularly, the blades will become dull over time. Mowing the lawn with a dull blade rips the grass instead of creating a clean cut. This leaves grass weaker and more prone to disease. You can easily file the mower blades to keep them sharp over the course of the season, but sharpening blades that have been ignored for a while is a more involved task.

How to Sharpen Mower Blades

Bringing mower blades back from the dead takes caution and a bench grinder.

  1. Disconnect the start wire to make sure your mower doesn’t turn on.
  2. Flip the mower on its side and remove the blade.
  3. Clamp the blade to a wooden block for stability.
  4. Run the blade perpendicular to the grinding wheel to remove any damage. Focus more on creating a straight edge than a sharp one at this point.
  5. Rest the blade against the wheel at the angle of the blade’s existing bevel. Grind the length of both cutting edges until equally sharp.
  6. Reinstall the blade to the mower and reconnect the start wire.

Maintaining your lawn equipment will make maintaining your lawn even easier. For more tips on equipment and lawn maintenance, contact Cardinal Lawns.

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