Signs of Japanese Beetles and Grubs

What to Look For

Japanese Beetles

The presence of Japanese beetles and grubs has detrimental effects for your lawn if left untreated. It’s important to start a treatment program before a pest infestation causes irreparable damage. Read on to learn how to spot some of the telltale signs of Japanese beetles and grubs on your property.

Signs of Japanese Beetles

  • Mature Japanese beetles are easy enough to spot with the naked eye when you’re close enough to the plant you suspect is being attacked.
  • Plant damage: beetles begin to feast on the plant fiber of outdoor plant leaves. These meal habits result in lacy-looking, skeletonized leaves with only the veins remaining.
  • Adult beetles are seen flying around the garden as they feed on your foliage.

Signs of Grubs (Beetle Larvae)

  • Irregularly shaped brown patches appear on your lawn in late summer.
  • Flying beetles appear as grubs exit the larval stage and begin to mature. They turn into winged beetles by the summer. Adult females are seen flying around your yard as they look for places to lay their eggs and usher in the next generation of grubs.
  • Peeling turf: grubs feed on grass roots that lie below the ground. Once other signs of grubs are apparent, try lifting a piece of your lawn. If grubs are present and have already destroyed the root system, the lawn lifts up easily, similar to picking up a corner of carpet in your home.
  • Other animals appear on your lawn to feed on the grubs in your grass. Birds, moles, skunks, and other critters dig holes and tunnels in your turf as they look for their next meal.

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