How to Control Pesky Summer Weeds

Control Summer weeds in your lawn

The summer heat can present a whole new crop of problems for your lawn, especially when you’re attempting to control weeds. Though your first inclination may be to attack those pesky summer weeds with all the herbicide in your arsenal, we advise a less aggressive approach when attempting to clear weeds from your dry, heat-stressed turf. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the hot summer months:

Mow High

Shade out the weeds by setting your mower to a higher setting than usual. Cutting too low can add to the stress your grass is already facing. Leaving an extra inch of height can help strengthen your grass and assist in choking out weeds.

Water Correctly

Instead of a daily light watering, stick to a schedule of a deep watering a few times a week. Not only does this encourage your turf to develop a strong root system, it helps to discourage weed growth, because weeds thrive when treated to daily waterings. Water that stays below the soil surface can help create an undesirable environment for most weeds.

Don’t Fertilize

Avoid applying a fertilizer during the summer. This only adds to the stress your overheated lawn is facing and can result in discoloration or damage. Excessive fertilizing can also cause a new crop of tender growth that won’t stand a chance in summer’s hot, dry conditions. Fertilizers are best used in the fall or in the early spring, about 30 days before the hot summer temperatures set in.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

Attack weeds where it hurts: by the root! Though tedious and ache-inducing at times, hand pulling is the most effective means of weed control, especially in smaller areas like garden beds.

Control Summer Weeds with Some Help!

Need reinforcements? Our professionals are here to happily answer your weed-control questions. Contact us at 614-808-4446 and we’ll help get your yard weed-free for summer.


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